Owen Wilson Net Worth

Owen Wilson Net Worth : $40 million

Owen Wilson is a very talented and well renowned Hollywood actor. Owen Wilson Net Worth is $40 million.


Owen Wilson Net Worth
Owen Wilson Net Worth


Quick Points About Owen Wilson :


Full NameOwen Cunningham Wilson
ProfessionActor, writer, producer and screenwriter
Height1.79 m
Date of BirthNovember 18, 1968
Place of BirthDallas, Texas, United States
Marital statusMarried
AchievementsMTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo
Twitter Accounttwitter.com/owenwilson1



Born on November 18, 1968 Owen is a world renowned American producer, actor and screenwriter. His two brothers Andrew and Luke are actors too. One may see Owen’s best performances in movie like The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, Midnight in Paris, Cars, Cars2, Night at the Museum trilogy, Bottle Rocket, The Darjeeling Limited, Zoolander, Zoolander No. 2, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Shanghai Noon.
Owen debuted his acting career with the crime comedy Bottle Rocket in 1996. Owen also co- wrote the script with Wes Anderson for his upcoming directorial projects The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore. Owen and Wes were Academy Award nominees for Best Original Screenplay. Subsequently Owen was cast in Ben Stiller‘s The Cable Guy. Owen fetched minor roles in movies like Armageddon, The Haunting and Anaconda but eventually was cast as a serial killer (lead role) in The Minus Man (co-starring his girlfriend Sheryl Crow).


Owen Wilson Net Worth
Owen Wilson Net Worth

Owen was cast alongside Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon- an action comedy movie of 2000. The film is regarded a landmark in Owen’s career as it earned almost US $100 million globally. Starring alongside Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller, Owen gained another success with Zoolander (2001). Owen collaborated with Anderson and Wilson to give the critically acclaimed and financial hit The Royal Tenenbaums in 2001. Along with with Eddie Murphy, Owen starred in the buddy- comedy film I Spy in 2002. Unfortunately, the film wasn’t as great a success as expected. Subsequently in 2003 Owen returned with Jackie Chan in Shanghai Knights, a movie remembered for its light comedy and great action. Owen and Vince Vaughn partenered to make Wedding Crasher (2005) which earned over US$ 200 million in USA alone. Owen’s role in The Darjeeling Limited also earned him a good name as an actor in the comedy- drama genre. Directed by Woody Allen, Owen was cast as a nostalgic writer in the rom- com Midnight In Paris- a role that earned him even greater praises.

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