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narendra modi net worth

Narendra Modi Net Worth : $3 Lakhs

Narendra Modi is an Indian politician. He is 15th and current prime-minister of India. Modi has estimated net worth of $3 Lakhs.

Quick Points about Narendra Modi

Full NameNarendra Damodardas Modi
ProfessionPolitician, Current PM of India
Height6 feet 2 inches
Date of BirthSeptember 17, 1950
Place of BirthVadnagar, India
Marital statusGot married at little age of nine
AchievementsAwarded as CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in Entertainment in 2013

Modi was born and grew up in a poor Imdian family. He belongs to the political party “BJP”. He is highly connected with RSS too.

When he was ammonced as PM candidate of BJP, He admitted in a rally that “He used to sell tea in railway stations in his childhood days.” Really salute to him.

He first came into highlights when he was elected as Cheif minister of Gujarat in 2001. Gujrat was facing several problems at that time. Modi decided to make a change and consistently worked for same. He became “Man of People” in Gujarat. He was elected as CM of Gujarat for three times. He served Gujrat for 15 years. Meanwhile in 2007, a sarvy carried by India Today selected him as Best Chief Minister nationwide.

Finally “Bharat Janta Party” decided him to lead in centre elections.He along with Amit Shah did many campaigns and rallies. In 2014 general elections, BJP got a big breakthrough. Though his name was not officially announced even before elections, he sweared off as 15th PM of India.

Forbes listed him at the 15th position of Most influential people worldwide in 2014.

He recently came up with the vision of “Swachh Bharat Mission“. He believes that it is something Mahatma Gandhi had dreamed for. His other initiatives Make in India and Digital India are getting appraisal all over the country. With these creative ideas, Modi has got much popularity among youth.

Today he is the second most followed leader in social media. He has over 17 million followers on Twitter. He has been much popular in India and abroad. Modi has really got big fan following after him. The clothes he wear has taken a trend in fashion industry. Once Modi said that he don’t had fashion designer

People want to talk him, look like him. After-all he has done uncountable efforts to get those respect. He deserves that.

Narendra modi is well known for his communication skills. He dare to each question and likes to explain things with some logic. Modi has an unique ability to convince others.

What is Modi’s salary as PM :

As being prime-minister of India. He receives $30,000 per year as salary. He is one of the highest paid PM’s worldwide.

Narendra Modi House :

Here we have picked up his house images. He was born in this house :

Narendra modi house in Vadnagar

His recent house :

narendra modi house pic

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