Michael Dell Net Worth

Michael Dell Net Worth : $19.5 billion USD

Michael Dell is a very successful businessman. Michael Dell Net Worth is $19.5 billion USD .


Michael Dell Net Worth
Michael Dell Net Worth


Quick Points About Michael Dell :


Full NameMichael Saul Dell
ProfessionBusiness tycoon
Height1.76 m
Date of BirthFebruary 23, 1965
Place of BirthHouston, Texas, United States
Marital statusMarried
Achievements#41 on Forbes'(’12 issue) list of billionaires
Twitter Accounttwitter.com/MichaelDell



Born on February 23, 1965, Michael Dell is a very successful American business tycoon, a prominent investor and a zealous philanthropist. Founded by Michael, Dell Inc. is one of the leading PC (personal computer) selling companies of the world. He made to no.41 on Forbes magazine’s 2012 list of world billionaires. As of December of 2014, Michael Dell Net Worth was estimated to be US $22.4 billion.

In 2011, Michael had $3.5 billion worth of 243.35 million of Dell Inc. shares and was a 12 % owner of the company. The rest of his wealth, roughly estimated around $10 billion, is invested in various ventures and is managed by MSD Capital. Michael bid for $24.5 billion to take Dell private. This was labelled as one of the greatest ‘management buyout’ ever since Great Recession. On 29th October, 2013, Dell Inc. went private.
While still studying at the University of Texas, Michael had set up an informal business. He sold upgrade kits for PCs. Michael later won bids on contracts for the State of Texas.


Michael Dell Net Worth
Michael Dell Net Worth

Michael made convictions and banked on them in the January of 1984. Also during the same time period did Michael register his venture by the name ‘PC’s Limited’. The company sold around $ 90,000 worth of kits, upgraged PCs and various PC components. In the May of the same year, Michael made arrangements to relocate his company to a prominent center in North Austin. The company was now called the “Dell Computer Corporation”. In 1992, Fortune magazine named Michael as the youngest CEO (still 27) of one of the top 500 corporations.

After launching its first servers in 1996, Dell sold computers online. It was reported that Dell Inc. made a fortune of $ 1 million in sales every day through its website ‘dell.com’. In 2001 Dell Inc. made it to an all over market share of 12.8%. Later, in the same year, did it leave Compaq behind to become the biggest PC maker of the world.

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