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larry page net worth

What is larry page worth?

Larry Page Net Worth : $34.9 billion

Larry Page is an american entrepreneur. And who doesn’t know him as co-founder of Google. Larry Page Net Worth is $34.9 billion.

Quick Facts About Larry Page

Full NameLarry Page
ProfessionEntrepreneur and Co-founder of Google
Date of BirthMarch 26, 1973
Place of BirthMichighan, USA
Marital statusMarried to
Lucinda Southworth (2007)
AchievementsCo-Founder of Google and CEO of Alphabet

Larry Page is an American computer scientist and internet entrepreneur who co-founded Google along with Sergey Brin. Larry Page Net Worth is 34.9 billion USD. Larry was born (on March 26, 1973) in East Lansing, Michigan, United States. His father was a computer science professor at Michigan State University and mother Gloria was an instructor in computer programming at Layman Briggs College at Michigan State University. During his interview Larry recalled his childhood that his house was usually a mess with computers and Technology magazines. He liked to read books and played saxophone. He also studied music composition while growing up.

Page was first attracted to computers when he was six years old, as he was able to “play with the stuff lying around”—first-generation personal computers—that had been left by his parents. He became the “first kid in his elementary school to turn in an assignment from a word processor”.His older brother also taught him to take things apart and before long he was taking “everything in his house apart to see how it worked”.

Later after Phd, he along with Sergey Brin developed an algorithm which later became famous as PageRank algorithm, and planned to build a search engine premier to the currently used. The new algorithm worked on a new kind of technology that analyzed the relevance of the backlines that connected Web pages to each other.

In 1998, Brin and Page founded Google with the initial domain name of “Googol” derived from a number that contains of one followed by on zeros upto hundred. This represented the large amount of data that the search engine was intended to explore.
Larry Page Net Worth was estimated to 29.2 billion USD in the starting of this year but as of now being the CEO of Alphabet Inc Larry Page Net Worth is estimated to be around 34.9 billion USD.According to Forbes he is the 17th richest man on the planet.

On August 10, 2015, Page announced on Google’s official blog that Google had restructured into a number of subsidiaries of a new holding company known as Alphabet Inc with Page becoming CEO of Alphabet Inc and Sundar Pichai assuming the position of CEO of Google Inc.

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