Jorge Garcia Net Worth

Jorge Garcia Net Worth : $185 million


Jorge Garcia is a very talented and well renowned Hollywood actor. Jorge Garcia Net Worth is $185 million.


Jorge Garcia  Net Worth

Quick Points About Jorge Garcia :


Full NameJorge Garcia
Profession Actor and comedian
Height1.83 m
Date of BirthApril 28, 1973
Place of BirthOmaha, Nebraska, United States
Marital statusMarried
AchievementsScreen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance



Born on 28th April 1973, Jorge Garcia is a renowned comedian and actor. Jorge first came to prominence by portraying the character of Hector Lopez in the American TV sitcom “Becker”. Subsequently he played several noticeable roles in television series like “Lost” (he portrayed Hugo “Hurley” Reyes). Garcia is also famous for his performances as a stand-up comedian. Jorge played a minor role in the drama series “Once Upon a Time“, broadcasted by BBC.
During his first six struggling years, Jorge worked at Borders Books and Music and appeared in a small number of commercials. Jorge says that his Jack in the Box commercial helped him get a lot of confidence to perform more publicly as a stand up comedian. Though he had started to get various roles on television and films but Jorge received landmark success by performing as Hugo Reyes in the TV drama series LOST.


Jorge Garcia  Net Worth
Jorge Garcia Net Worth

Jorge is scheduled to produce and appear in the film “When We Were Pirates”. Garcia is to play the role of a man named Jerry, who takes inspiration from the game he played in his childhood to solve his mid-life difficulties. During his period working in LOST, Jorge wrote the blog about “Dispatches From the Island”. Jorge was host of the famous weekly podcast “Geronimo Jack’s Beard”. It was announced on 21st November 2010 that Jorge would be cast in the forthcoming American TV series Alcatraz. On 23rd November 2010 did Jorge perform a guest appearance on the comedy TV series “How I Met Your Mother”.


Jorge played the role of Dr. Diego Soto in the mid season replacement of science fiction TV series Terra Nova, broadcasted by FOX. Despite starting successfully, FOX cancelled the series in the first seven to eight months. Jorge also made an appearance on The Nerdist on 18th June 2012.

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