Jackie Chan Net Worth

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Jackie Chan net worth: $350 Million
Jackie Chan is Hong Kong Actor, stunt performer, stunt director, producer,, action choreographer, singer,  screenwriter, martial artist,director . Jackie Chan Net Worth is $350 Million.

 Jackie Chan Net Worth

Quick Points About Jackie Chan

Full NameChan Kong-sang
Profession Actor, martial artist, director, producer, screenwriter, action choreographer, singer, stunt director, stunt performer
Height 1.74 m
Ethnicity Chinese
Nationality Hong Kong
Date of Birth7 April 1954
Place of BirthVictoria Peak, British Hong Kong
Marital Status Married to Lin Feng-jiao
Achievements Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film , Lifetime Achievement Award
Twitter Account twitter.com/eyeofjackiechan

“Life can knock us down,But we can choose to get backup”.

Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong Actor, stunt performer, stunt director, producer,, action choreographer, singer,  screenwriter, martial artist,director .Jackie Chan is known for his action styles and comic timing. Jackie Chan has his own innovative stunts and acrobatic fighting style which are the trademark of Jackie Chan movies.Jackie Chan was born on 7 April 1954 in at Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong.

Jackie Chan specializes in Kung fu and Wing Chun.Jackie Chan did not have interest in academics from starting .So his father made him to work as cook in the American embassy.After that Jackie Chan joined the China Drama Academy. There he practiced martial arts and acrobatics for more than a decade and eventually titled one of the “Three dragons”. After entering in the Film Industry,Jackie Chan trained in Hapkido .Where he attained a black belt.Karate, Judo, TaeKwonDo, & Jeet Kune Do are some of the forms in which Jackie Chan specialize.Which all adds up to Jackie Chan Net Worth.

Big and Little Wong Tin Bar was the first film of Jackie Chan.Jackie Chan played the role of one the seven Fortunes.He appeared in Bruce lee films like Fist of Fury  and Enter the Dragon.Jackie Chan gained the stardom from the blockbuster film “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” which helped Jackie Chan Net Worth of $350 million.

Starting his career from  “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” ,Jackie Chan has worked in more than 100 films.Apart from acting he is a singer , producer ,martial artist and Director.Jackie Chan has more than 20 albums released till the date. which is one of the reason for Jackie Chan Net Worth being $350 million.He is among the richest stars of the world.

Jackie Chan has been awarded many awards for his acting talent.Jackie Chan has won 28 awards in total till the date.Special Award for Global Impact,Favorite Duo for Rush Hour,Maverick Spirit Award,Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor are some of the awards in his name. He has also won MTV Lifetime Achievement Award .Which all additionally adds up to Jackie Chan Net Worth.

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