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google net worth

Google Net Worth : $14 Billion

Google Inc. is an American multinational company that provides services related to internet and other products. .Google has net worth of $14 billion. Its headquarter is located in Googleplex, Mountain View, Cailifornia(US).

Quick Points About Google Inc

Full Name Google
Nationality American
Date of FoundationSeptember 4,1998
Founded atCalifornia, Melono Park

Google Inc. is an American multinational corporation that enjoys a net worth of $14 billion. Google is the one the most popular company all round the world. Its headquarter is located at Googleplex, Mountain plex, in California(US).

Have a look on Googleplex :

Google Net Worth

Google Inc. was founded on 1988 by September 4, through Larry page and Sergey Brin. It has a total workforce of around 59,976 for meeting the requirements of the company .

Google has already maintained its fame around the world by providing excellent service in internet related products and services, that mainly includes Software for online advertisement technology, search engine facility, cloud computing and related software.

Google is famous mainly for its Search engine GOOGLE. GOOGLE is one of the most used Search Engine around the world. Google provides the facility of placing advertisements at the place near the search results of its Search Engine GOOGLE . Recently in August 2015 google announced plans for setting up company named as Alphabet Inc. On October 2,2015, Google subjected itself as its leading subsidiary company.

In addition to Search engine facility Google provides software that includes Email (GMAIL) facility, a cloud storage facility that allows the user to store its data in the cloud based servers , named as GOOGLE DRIVE , an Office Suite named as GOOGLE DOCS and a social networking stuff named as GOOGLE +.

Its other products includes a web browser named as GOOGLE CHROME for meeting search related solutions for desktop . The company also works the development of Android Operating system and browser-only CHROME OS for Chromebooks that a type of netbooks.

Apart from providing facility in the field of software, the company has also moved on for communication hardware. The company bought the shares of MOTOROLA MOBILITY in May 2012 and aims at providing low cost but high quality NEXUS devices.

For the year 2007 Google claimed at providing more than 1 million servers in the data centers around the world .As of 2009 the company processes more than 1 billion search requests and around 24 petabytes of user generated data each day.

Google is ranked among the most innovative companies in providing quality services and customer satisfaction .
Google enjoys a handsome net worth of $14 Billion.

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