Facebook Net Worth

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Facebook Net Worth

Facebook Net Worth : $ 240 Billion

Facebook is an online social networking service whose headquarter is located at Melono Park, California. Facebook Net Worth is $ 240 Billion.

Quick Points About Facebook

Full NameFacebook
ProfessionOnline social networking service
Ethnicity American
Date of formation April 4 ,1975
Place of FoundationHavard University,Cambridge

Facebook is an mainly a social networking company that allows the user to communicate with his friends over internet. Facebook is among the most successful and popular social networking sites in the social networking world.

Facebook enjoys a net worth of $ 240 Billion .

Facebook was founded by Mark Zukerberg and his colleague of Havard university on February 4 in the year 2004. It was made by the initiative of providing the students of Havard University a medium to communicate and interact. Later on its facility was expanded to other nearby college areas. It started becoming more and more popular and then in the year 2006 it was made legal that anyone who has age of 13 years or above can use it with a valid Email ID.

Facebook was widely accepted because it was the only platform at that time that was providing an interface for the people to communicate with the use of internet . The idea of providing texting over internet with graphics was the most innovative one and was the reason that it was successful.

Facebook is widely used by modern youths an other peoples to interact and communicate with each other various companies also uses Facebook to advertise and attract customers towards itself

Recently in the year 2015 Facebook has also added Video calling to its structure for making it more effective. In the year 2015 Facebook has over 1.18 billion monthly active users.


1-Facebook was founded by Mark zukerbreg and his friends –Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovist and Chris Hughes; all of them were perusing college(second year) from Havard University .

2-Facebook became the first company in the Standard & Poor’s index to reach up to the market business of $250 billion .

3-Following the release of Facebook it acquired over more than 50 million users in the single year.

4- According to some study through Princeton university, Facebook has lost over 3 million of its users in the age group of 13 to 17 years in January 2004 .

5- Facebook popularity has earned him worth more than eBay, Yahoo, Netfix, IAC, Apple and Microsoft .

6- A Hollywood film named the “The Social Network” has also been made based on the origin of Facebook, in the year 2010 .

Net worth of Facebook is estimated as $240 billion. Isn’t Facebook net worth is so huge? Shoot a comment below to say your words. 🙂

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