Donald Bren Net Worth

Donald Bren Net Worth : $15.2 billion USD.

Donald Bren is a very successful business tycoon. Donald Bren Net Worth is $15.2 billion USD.


Donald Bren Net Worth
Donald Bren Net Worth


Quick Points About Donald Bren :

Full NameDonald L. Bren
Height1.78 m
Date of BirthMay 11, 1932
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
Marital statusMarried
Achievements“Businessperson of the Year”  in the 2006



Born on 11th May 1932, Donald L. Bren is the owner and Chairman of the Irvine Company. It is a US based real estate investment firm. Donald is the son Milton Bren and Marion Newbert. His father was a successful film producer, naval officer and talent agent. Donald’s mother was an eminent civic leader. His father and mother were of Jewish and Irish descent respectively. Donald’s parents got divorced in 1948. In 1948 his father remarried Claire Trevor- the Oscar winning actress. Five years later, his mother remarried Earle M. Jorgensen.


Donald received a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration fromm the University of Washington. He was considered a strong contender for the American Olympic ski team of 1956. Unfortunately he couldn’t qulify due to an injury. After completing his college, Donald served in the United States Marine Corps. In 1958, Donald built his first house with a loan of $ 10,000. He built houses in Orange County, California. he planned and developed the city of Mission Viejo in California. For this project he purchased 10,000 acres of land.


Donald Bren Net Worth
Donald Bren Net Worth


Donald presided over MVC between 1963 and 1967. In 1970, the Bren Co. was bought by International Paper for $ USD 34 million. Due to recession, the International Paper sold his company back to Donald in 1972 for $ USD 22 million. Subsequently in 1977, Donald became one of the investors to purchase the 147 year old Irvine Company. He owned around 34% of the company and was the largest stakeholder of the resulting syndicate.


By 1996 Donald had bought all the prominent shares and became the exclusive owner. Donald was awarded the Vanguard Award in 2011 by the Urban Land Institute. The institution also recognized Donald as ‘one of the most prominent developers in the history of America.’ Donald is an eminent supporter of the Republicans and supported the campaigns of Pete Wilson.

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