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Chris Paul Net Worth : $ 45 million

Chris Paul

Chris Paul is American basketball player. Chris Paul Net Worth is $ 45 million.

Quick Points About Chris Paul:

Born in Lewisville, North Carolina, Chris Paul plays for Los Angeles Clippers. Still a kid, Paul played football but then followed his brother and pursued a highly successful basketball career. After his soph season in 2005, he was drafted into NBA (National Basketball Association) by New Orleans Hornets. He played six seasons for them. Then he joined another reconstructing team Los Angeles Clippers.

Chris plays the point guard position and was remarked as the best point guard by Kevin Pelton of the sports channel ESPN. Pelton also recorded that this was a title that Paul has held all his career. The seven time All-NBA honors, seven time All-Defensive honor, Chris Paul was ranked as the third best player in NBA by ESPN and the sports magazine Sports Illustrated. Despite his great performance up-tempo, Paul says that he prefers to play half court.

In his 2005 season, Chris scored highest in points, stals, assists and double-doubles among the rookies. In NBA history, he is registered as the second rookie to top the league in complete steals. Named as the Rookie of the year, Paul had 5.1 rebounds, 16.1 points, 2.2 steals and 7.1 assists per game registered to his name. Paul rejoiced a small priod of rivalry with another American professional basketball player Deron Williams early in his career. Williams was the other rookie who recieved the first place vote with Chris Paul.

Paul was sent to Los Angeles Lakers on a three-team trade by New Orleans Hornets on December 8, 2011. Due to some problems with the National Basketball Association, Chris was later sent to LA Clippers but this deal again broke due to extra requirements of NBA despite the original deal. Some days later, Chris and two darfted players were sent to Clippers.

Paul married Jada Crawley, whom he loved since college, on September 10, 2011. The couple has since been together and Paul is blessed with two beautiful children Brenden and Camryn.

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