Charles Ergen Net Worth

Charles Ergen Net Worth : $17.1 billion USD

Charles Ergen is a very successful American businessman. Charles Ergen Net Worth is $17.1 billion USD .


Charles Ergen Net Worth


Quick Points About Charles Ergen :


Full NameCharles William “Charlie” Ergen
Height1.78 m
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1953
Place of BirthOakridge, Tennessee, United States
Marital statusMarried
Achievements‘Master Entrepreneur of the Year’ (1991)

Born on 1st March 1953, Charles William “Charlie” Ergen is a successful American business tycoon. He is the former CEO and President, current Chairman of Board and co-founder of EchoStar Communications Corporation and Dish Network. Charlie vouched for Joseph Clayton in the May of 2011 and stepped down as the CEO of EchoStar and Dish. He currently is the Chairman of Board of these companies. Charlie became the CEO again as Clayton retired on 31st March 2015. Charlie is the owner of 52% of the EchoStar and Dish stakes. He also holds 88% of the companies’ summarized voting power.

Charlie, along with James De Franco and Cantey (his future wife) started the EcoSphere Corporation. The initial investment was of $ 60,000. The company targeted homespun Colorado and had just two C-Band antennas. The budget was limited and they sold satellite dishes in Denver from the back of their mosey. After raising junk bonds worth $ 335 million, Charlie got EchoStar in the big game during the 90s. He also purchased orbital slots for the satellites. In 1992, the Federal Communications Commission issued Charlie a DBS license for EchoStar. This gave the company its personal geostationary orbital slot. Charlie provides large aand frequent donations to the Democratic Party. During the 2014 election, Charlie exclusively supported the Democrats Mark Pryor, Mark Begich and Kay Hagen.


Charles Ergen Net Worth
Charles Ergen Net Worth


A complaint was lodged against Charlie with the FEC (Federal Elections Commission). The complaint stated that Charlie forced the Dish Network emoplyees to make contributions to specific Democrat candidates. Charlie was described by CNN as a man having “classic startup mindset.” He is known to be a fierce and aggressive entrepreneur. It is his country boy inage that contradicts his competitive character. Charlie is also famous for his unpredictable negotiation skills. AT&T‘s attempt to buy Dish fell apart in the last minute.

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