Al Pacino Net Worth

Al Pacino Networth

Al Pacino is an iconic American actor, screenwriter,filmmaker and director who is counted among the true Hollywood Legend of all time.The net worth of Al Pacino is $145 Million.

Facts About Al Pacino

Full NameAl Pacino
ProfessionActor, Filmmaker and Screenwriter
Date of Birth25-Apr-1940
Place of BirthManhattan, New York City, U.S
Marital statusUnmarried
AchievementsGolden Lion For Lifetime Acheivement
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Popularly known for his role in “The Godfather” he has performed many classical roles in a large number of Hollywood’s greatest including Dog Day Afternoon,’ ‘Serpico’ and ‘Dick Tracy’. Al Pacino has been truely a cold blooded performer in Hollywood giving his contributions for over fifty years in the community.

Al Pacino was born on April 25, 1940 in Bronx,New York City. His parents got divorced when Pacino was two years old.
Al Pacino was solely raised by his mother at his grandparents house. At the age of 17 he dropped out of school and enrolled in
Herbert Berghof Studio to study theatre. Pacino also performed in many off-Broadway productions. His acting flourished under the tutelage of Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio.To support his acting fee Al Pacino did a large number of odd jobs to provide him the necessary funds.

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Director Francis Ford Coppola chooses Al Pacino to play Michael Corleone in his all time classic thriller series called ‘The Godfather’.The film was released in the year 1972 and bagged many Awards including Best Picture and Best Actor for Marlon Brando.

Al Pacino also received his first Oscar nomination and added a mere $35000 to his net worth. The next part of the series i.e.
‘The Godfather: Part II’ was released in the year 1974 and added $500,000 to his net worth. This blockbustor sequel got the Oscar for Best Picture. In the same year Al Pacino also starred as a police officer in “Serpico”.
Al Pacino starred in ‘ Dog Day Afternoon’ which was a true story of a bank robber and directed by Sidney Lumet who previously directed ‘Serpico’. In 1979, a drama film ‘And Justice for All’ was released and increased Al Pacino’s net worth by $1 million. Pacino was highly lauded for his prolific acting and again nominated Best Actor.It was his fourth time.

Pacino also starred in controversial movies like ‘Author! Author!’ and ‘Cruising’ which were critical flops in 1980’s. In the year 1983 he played the role of a drug lord in the movie ‘Scarface’ and received another Golden Globe nomination.’The Godfather: Part III’ the last part of “The Godfather” series was released in 1990.

The much awaited movie received many Academy Award Nomination and increased Al Pacino’s net worth by $5 million.
In 1992 Al Pacino starred in ‘Scent of a Woman’ as a blind United States Army soldier.The film bagged him another Academy Award for Best Actor.’Insomnia’ was released in 2002 and increased his net worth by $11 million.Christopher Nolan directed the movie which was a remake of a Norwegian film.
Al Pacino was awarded the 35th AFI Life Achievement Award by the American Film Institute.
He has also won two Tony Award in the year 1969 and 1977.In his entire career Al Pacino received 15 Golden Globe Awards ,8 Oscar Nomination and 5 Bafta Nominations so far.

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Pacino has never married in his life.He has three children and had a previous relationship with Diane Keaton.Al Pacino is one of the president of Actors Studio along with Ellen Burstyn and Harvey Keitel.Mere words can’t describe the greatest acting capabilities Al Pacino posses.He is and will be considered as the biggest greatest legend of all time and will always be in the heart of his many fans.

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