Steve Ballmer Net Worth

Steve Ballmer Net Worth : $65 million

Steve Ballmer is an American business magnate. Steve Ballmer Net Worth is $65 million.


Steve Ballmer Net Worth
Steve Ballmer Net Worth


Quick Points About Steve Ballmer :


Full NameSteven Anthony “Steve” Ballmer
ProfessionAmerican businessman
Height1.96 m
Date of BirthMarch 24, 1956
Place of BirthDetroit, Michigan, United States
Marital statusMarried
AchievementsLegion of Honour



Born on 24th March 1956, Steven Anthony ‘Steve’ Ballmer remained the CEO (chief executing officer) of Microsoft from January 2000 to the February of 2014. Steve also owns the famous NBA(National Basketball Association)’s Los Angeles Clippers. As of the May of 2015, Steve Ballmer Net Worth was estimated to be over US $ 22.7 billion. This made him reach the twenty first position on the ‘Forbes 400’ list. On 23rd August 2013, it was officially announced that Steve would leave the office as Microsoft’s CEO within one year. Steve retired from Microsoft on 4th February 2014, and Satya Nadella succeeded him. Steve’s bid to buy the Los Angeles Clippers for two billion dollars was recognized by NBA (National Basketball Association). He claimed the official ownership of the team on 24th August, 2014.


Steve joined Microsoft in the June of 1980. Initially, Steve was offered a $ 50,000 salary and stakes of ownership in the company. He was the Gates’s first business manager. Subsequent to his hire in Microsoft, Steve led many divisions in Microsoft like sales and support, operating system development and many others. After leading the Microsoft’s development project on .NET framework, Steve was promoted as the President of Microsoft. Though Bill Gates remained the head of the ‘technological department’, Steve was officially named the CEO on the year 2000. Subsequent to Gates’ stepping down as the ‘chief architect’, Steve insured enough control to make the required management changes in the company.


Steve Ballmer Net Worth
Steve Ballmer Net Worth

Steve announced in 2008 that it was his wish to remain the CEO of the company for another ten years but resigned in 2013. He had lost ‘too much money’ (multi billion dollars) on Surface tablet and acquisitions. Following this news, the stock price of Microsoft took a rebound. Steve says that he has regrets about his lack of focus during the development of the Windows mobile during the rise of 2000s. This left Microsoft behind in the world smartphone business.

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