George Soros Net Worth

George Soros Net Worth : $23 billion

George Soros is a prosperous American businessman. George Soros Net Worth is $23 billion.


George Soros Net Worth
George Soros Net Worth


Quick Points About George Soros :


Full NameGeorge Soros
ProfessionAmerican businessman
Height1.83 m
Date of BirthAugust 12, 1930
Place of BirthBudapest, Hungary
Marital statusMarried
AchievementsAuthor of three best-selling books


Born on 12th August 1930, George Soros is an America based prosperous businessman and a passionate philanthropist. George holds Jewish-Hungarian ancestry and also the dual citizenship of United States and Hungary. He serves as the chairman of SFM (Soros Fund Management). George is famous by “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” for his short sale worth of US$ 10 billion, which made him a profit of $1 billion with ongoing Black Wednesday UK currency crisis of 1992. George is present in the list of 30 richest people on earth.


George’s support to liberal and progressive political issues is well known. Since 1979, George’s donation to various philanthropic institutions is estimated to be over $11 billion. George holds the position of Chairman in the Open Society Foundation. After emigrating to England in 1947, George studied at London School of Economics. George earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy in 1951 and his Masters with the same subject in 1954. Both of these subjects were studied by George in the London School of Economics.


George Soros Net Worth
George Soros Net Worth


In 1956, George a job in New York City as an F.M. Mayer’s arbitrage trader. He specialized in the Coal and Steel Communnity, which was later known by the name ‘Common Market’. George swapped to Wertheim & Co. in 1959 and worked as a Europen Securities Analyst. Based on theories of Karl Cooper, George published his theory of ‘reflexivity’. In 1970, George laid the foundation of Soros Fund Management. George published a book named The New Paradigm for Financial Markets on the May of 2008. The book described a disaster that was going to take place in the world economy. Various speculations arose in regards with the book. George acquired multiple stakes in various French companies like Suez, Compagnie Générale d’Électricité, Société Générale and Paribas.


George also supported the deal to buy Washington Nationals; just as a minority partner. Speculations had it in 2008 that George might buy the Italian football team AS Roma, but no move form either side was confirmed.

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